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My name is Laura Goode and I love both food and photography. I have a huge collection of cookbooks – enough to rival my husband’s guitar collection (less said the better!) –  and am frequently to be found with my nose in a food magazine. With countless binders full of torn out recipes secreted around the house, this blog started life purely as a way to help me find my favourite recipes quickly and easily.

Although eating a healthy diet is important to me, I am no angel. Life would be boring without any sweet stuff, especially chocolate! So this blog is a mixture of recipes that are sometimes healthy, sometimes naughty and sometimes experimental. All to me are down right delicious!

I’m lucky enough to have a number of foodie friends who are a dab hand in the kitchen, plus an equal number of friends with healthy appetites. Events involving food are heartily encouraged amongst us all! As well as having lots of fun, I am hoping I will be able to share some of their favourite recipes and even get some guest bloggers. Bon Appétit!